Burnt Offerings for Deliverance and Healing

God is bringing His people into His promises, but we must first receive deliverance and healing. 

God wants great things for you. He has promised to give you hope and a future. However, there is something stopping you from receiving all He has for you, and it may be at work from within you. 

Disappointment and pain can cause us not to operate within our God-ordained purpose. In fact, we can even become saboteurs in God's plan for our lives, because of the negativity that has been deposited into us. 

For this reason, deliverance and healing are necessary to go to the next level and receive the promises of God. He has given us a prescription for deliverance and healing through the burnt offerings of Leviticus chapter 1, which were fulfilled by Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ). Download this FREE workbook and video training NOW.

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